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Is there a cart for inline launching that has been figured out? I have been looking but I am sure I missed it.

here's what I am needing. If I get a box trailer I can see a problem with the side cart. I know a few have talked about getting a extension ladder and putting two wheels on it so that you can pull it out of a box trailer and then roll it to the water and then extend ladder to launch boat into lake. I can do this with an aluminum ladder and about $40.00 in large plastic cart wheel. As in all things I dont want to reinvent something that has been posted.

My plan is to be able to set sail with my boat without needing a second guy. I have a 12' x 7' trailer in mind that is 7 1/2 feet tall. If this works as I hope I can see loading Surprise into trailer on my own. Secure it, and get to lake. Pull out cart with boat on it, attach wheels (1 to 2 min) and then head to water, launch it and stow ladder. Then reverse and go home. If I can do this I can have boat rigged most of the time and come and go any time of the week without finding a buddy to just pick up one end for a few seconds. I was looking at getting a wheel chair crane and swinging it from current cradle to cart, and this is very doable, just would take a little longer for the transfer.

So any ideas before I get to far ahead of myself?

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I found this setup on another forum, it handles getting into and out of box trailer but still needs work on getting in and out of water.


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