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Originally Posted by thunder1 View Post
Don't tell me what I think.

I think these things occur because of the strength of our national character, the econmic enviroment so to speak, or at least what it was up until the neocons took over. Business succeeds because the entirety of the market is functioning properly. That means workers are getting paid a decent wage, making prices affordable, and corporations prosper without being greedy for the shareholders. Government doesn't cause those things, it fosters them, which is vastly different from what you claim I believe. It takes the three elements working in harmony to create a thriving economy, and what we've had lately is too much government spending, too much corporate greed, and not enough workers reaping the benefits of their labor. The golden rule was tossed out the window in favor of pleasing the corporations and their shareholders.

You say you don't claim govt causes these things.

Then you proceed to lay out a quite extensive list of interventions, mandates, and distortions, all of which inherently require govt to impose, and which you also claim are the causes of a 'properly' functioning marketplace.

How is arguing these things are vital, and that the cause of the prosperity you attribute to them not possible without them, not implying that the cause of these things, State power, is responsible?
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