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A great day of flying... only a few fatalities !!!

I managed to finish up early today, so I grabbed up SUE TOO and headed for the Field of Glory. Once there I put her on a pedestal and took a few glamour shots. See below.

I managed to have a dozen flights or so. Only two ended in hard landings. By the end of the day I was doing

level flight
fly bys
left hand circuits
right hand circuits
figure 8's

and *drum roll please*

several loops ON PURPOSE !!!

I also managed a mid-air collision !

There is a 14,400 V powerline that goes across the field from corner to corner. I managed to fly over it or under it ... except the last time. I was doing a figure 8 and so I was flying parallel to the wire. I thought i was well beyond it, but apparently not. I hit the wire with a glancing blow, and the wire apparently went up into the angle between the fuselage and the wing. That meant that the rapidly spinning prop met up with a 0.32" aluminum cable. I heard the sound as the prop screwed itself off. Then I saw parts falling off the plane. But the plane was still under control, so I declared an emergency, hit the button I have designated as THROTTLE KILL, and brought the plane into a half-decent landing !!

So, what did I learn today?

1) Don't run into high tension lines
2) I learned that the battery position does affect the behavior of the plane.
a) Too high and it tends to yaw when aileron is input.
b) Too low and it tends to dutch roll when the rudder is used.
c) In the middle is just right.
3) My builds of the SUE with a large dihedral don't like to be overpowered. Keep the throttle low.
4) Blending rudder into aileron function makes for much nicer turns. I'm doing it by hand now, but I plan to do mixes when I get the ep9x firmware.
5) Putting the battery on the opposite side from the other electronics does seem to help trim the craft better.
6) Take extra props and prop nuts to the flying field.

You know what is AMAZING I have now flown SUE TOO for TWO DAYS and she's not all bent up, and she can fly again !!!

And it's FUN.

Ad Astra
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