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Originally Posted by thunder1 View Post
Didn't FDR defeat socialists/fascists?
Is this the provably wrong "like doesn't fight like" argument?

Different flavors of socialists have been fighting each other since the earliest 20th century, for example. Like fights like all the time.

Just because FDR didn't have a snappy hat and boots when he was at the helm fighting the fascists who did, doesn't undo or change what he did in the US.

Or negate the direct and provable parallels of his actions with theirs, from industrial control, price controls, bank controls, speech controls, the socialization of charity, or the establishment of racial prison camps for that matter.

I'd say his results were fabulous, but in the last decade the neocons decided to save the free market system, by abandoning free market principles.
You must have some interesting goals if the results are 'fabulous'. I wouldn't call the disastrous legacy of beginning the intervention in the medical marketplace, or putting the entire population under the boot of an unsustainable, actuarially unsound wealth transfer scheme where it's payers don't even have actual rights to the resources they're paying in, 'fabulous'.
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