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Did anyone work out the AMPS of your 4S plans?
You will need to know that to work out flight time, and other shortfalls it might encounter.... eg to even get those Amps needed reliably, or at all. Which means VERY GOOD batteries.
Those two parallel batteries sound like it could work out fine, I am not sure. And then flight time....

I agree that 3500g will end up somewhere like 3000g in the plane... but you still always need to test and see what you really get.

So let's see.....
CS10's need 1200W to get 1.8Kg on the bench (approx), so you need 1200W
1200W / 14.4 = 83 Amps... each motor. So for a start you want a good motor (seems that is covered). And 100A ESC's. And good wiring.
(4.800 / 83 ) * 60 = 3.46min flight time (if all WOT) * 0.8 = 2.8 mins
Pretty good totals really.
But your two batteries are 200g heavier than a 5000mAH 6S 65C - which isn't too important until you go to 3D. They also cost a bit more for the pair.
So the motors, ESC's, batteries will cost more. Prob $100 or more extra than for 6S. But you got longer flight time. (if they fit)

It sounds like it would all work out......
But you won't be lighter than a 6S equivalent.
Batteries +200g, ESCs, motors, wiring.... all have to be X amount heavier to deal with that larger total current needed.
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