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Originally Posted by jurepu View Post
If anyone is interested in connecting the external battery with modification I have made I give you some simple solution.

You can easily use internal battery with jumper ON white/black wire. The external battery can be connected using servo cable connecting red/black wire. I use 3.7V Li-ion cell phone battery and it works well.

This is a clever way of connecting an external lipo (or li-ion) cell to the battery terminals on the circuit board to power the camera while preventing a simultaneous parallel connection to the camera's internal battery with an external cell at significantly different voltage (the internal battery does not like that!). A large external cell normally needs to be charged with an external dedicated lipo charger if you want the charge to be completed in less than a month!

ALSO, there is a risk of connecting the jumper to the wrong pair of wires... which will produce a direct short across the internal battery charging circuit. I doubt the camera will like that!

Also, there is a risk of connecting the external battery incorrectly if a non-gendered connector is used. This would connect the battery with reverse polarity with the camera charging circuit! I doubt that either the battery or camera charging circuit will like that!

As a minimum, I'd use a gendered "Futaba-style" servo plug (with the tab) (or other gendered plug) for the external battery circuit AND the jumper.

If done correctly, this is a better way to directly power the camera with an external lithium cell! Thanks for the post, jurepu!

p.s. My warnings may be over-stated, but I can't tell you how many times I've reversed servo plugs in a non-gendered RX, even after a cross check! In those cases, nothing bad happens. This is different, so be careful and take heed!
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