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Originally Posted by MtnGoat View Post
And exactly what they were correct about. The bankrupt SSEC fiasco, the disaster of beginning the distortions of medical markets brought about by the wage and price control distortions during WWII, slow destruction is still due to planting it's seeds, and it's no less destructive merely because it takes a while.

A large chunk of the problems we face today are the direct result of that American grown fascist
Exactly. And yet the libs hold up FDR as some sort of role model. He was one of the bigger reasons we are now in the mess we are in. A forefather to American decline and socialistic policies. Of course it didn't start with him, but he took it off the back burner and added a turbo booster to it.

The other lib god JFK would be a republican if he was alive today. That shows just how far left we have gone.
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