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Hi all,

Those of you trying to reach max speed possible should carry as much battery as possible.
Design your system without forgetting about that.

Power comes from battery.

Random numbers (even though these will not fit in this airframe) :
Assuming all from same manufacturer and same "C" rating.

4S-5000 , 5S-4000 , 6S-3300, 11S-1500

6X3.3=about 20

First 3 packs can provide the same power (W) while under similar stress (per cell voltage) , but the 4th pack will be weaker.
Cube root (20/16.5) = 1.066
So first 3 packs can potentially reach 6.6% higher speed compared to the 4th.

In hot liners people draw 200+ AMPs from 2200 mAH cells for couple of seconds.
For top speed runs you'll need longer throttle use.
Think about the per cell voltage you can maintain near the end of your speed passes.

Get good quality, high C rated cells.... Carry lots of battery!!!!
Series, parallel .......what ever it takes.


It is interesting to see the various setups being designed for top speed runs.

Good luck to you all,

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