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It is easy to mistake whatís being said and to jump to conclusions. Iím not a self-appointed NATS manager, Iím offering to allow people the option to continue to work on some difficult tasks by donating my time, energy, money, advertising etc. Giving people a choice is what Iím doing rather than being dictated to. If people want to stay Monday and Tuesday and work on LSF XC tasks why are you and Marc so against that? It is their choice. Who are you to decide for me and others that we cannot fly LSF XC tasks on Monday and Tuesday if we choose to do so at that site or any of the other viable site? This has nothing to do with the NATS. The NATS will go on just as the planners and helpers have set up.

Marc feels it is not needed and I'm offering the option, not dictating anything.

Personally, Iíd rather have options.

If you like, PM me your phone number and I'll call you and we can discuss this further.

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