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Also - if you're bouncing on your landings, there are two potential causes:
1) You are landing too "flat" - that nose gear is very springy. Hit it on initial contact and you can bet you'll be back in the air every time. As Turbo and TN indicated, you'll want to get to a point where you can get your mains to touch down first and keep that nose up as long as possible to bleed off momentum. Just beware, with AS3X, the tip stall comes out of nowhere and suddenly she's cartwheeling. Ask me how I know!

2) you are landing too hot - as Turbo said. Ironically, keeping power on allows you to land slower, because you can adjust your attitude without stalling. If you have the same bad habit I used to, I'd take my thumb off the throttle from time to time when flying. If you do that, you aren't managing your throttle on landings, which means you have ONE shot at getting it perfect. By managing your throttle throughout the landing process, you have multiple attempts (as long as your strip is long enough) to get everything - speed, attitude, altitude - to fall into place.

You are probably a much better pilot than I, but for others who may read this in the future, I'll steal a line out of Turbo's many posts on this that helped me immensely and particularly with the Mig- "manage altitude with throttle, manage attitude with elevator"
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