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I had three ExceedRC motors... the Monster series. Had a 46, 110, and 160. The 46 and the 110 are still in the airplanes even though we don't fly them anymore... a Sig we use as a camera platform, and a H9 Frenzy that was my first electric conversion from a Saito 125.

The 160 threw magnets from day-one. They were supposed to be the E-flite knock-offs, I guess. I think the Tucon or the Rockets are the second generation of the Monster. A 465Kv with a 16x8 on 6S is certainly a good power setup, so if the motor holds up, it may be an inexpensive option. If not, a second motor means you should have bought the Motrolfly or the Torque from the beginning. This is why I don't do cheap motors anymore. They are never cheap, and you never get over the trust thing. It's like you are always waiting for the time that they go bad. We have been pounding the Motrolfly 480 for a year now.

Anyway, he had Hitec 225's all the way around so that's about as inexpensive as you can get. I have a 100A ESC just sitting around already connected to a 6v Motrolfly U-BEC and about a half dozen 16x8 Xoars sitting here. So some extension and I can have another 60 in the air at a really low cost.

I'll put the price list on the Budget thread when I have time to work it up.
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