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We've seen this question before, and you may well end up more confused than when you started out. The previous threads on this subject have typically ended up split 50/50

With that being said, I see no reason at all why you should start with a FB heli first. Modern FBL units have become easy to set up, and work well. Parts count and complexity of the heli is reduced with a FBL heli and the head is easier to setup with fewer linkages. Crash repair is also easier with the less complex head.

Don't worry about having to "pop" the heli into the air with a FBL unit. The earlier versions were more prone to this issue than the newer, popular units. You can lift a FBL heli off just as gently as a FB version.

BTW, Thunder Tiger is an excellent brand and makes very good helis. You will learn a lot of valuable lessons building a kit yourself and will understand how the heli components work together. It's good info because you are going to need the skills for crash repair anyway.
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