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Originally Posted by edwin1 View Post
I order $300 to $400 of wood at a time to keep stock. I have an old high school wood shop bench (bought a long time ago) where all the new wood is stored. Right now, I have enough to frame up 5 or 6 .60 sized planes. I've always got something on the work bench.
And that pretty much confirms what I suspected. In my purchase yesterday, the total balsa cost was just $18 and with a sheet of basswood, it came to $26. That basswood sheet will last me for years, I suppose. I'll use less than 10% on the current model I'm building. And probably just 80% of the balsa after cutting. So, the wood costs for my parkflyer will be about $16. Not bad at all.

Gas costs were negligible since I drive down to within 5 miles of that shop once a month. And I get reimbursed for driving costs, so I actually come out ahead in that deal.

So it looks like in my case that online ordering probably won't save me much, if anything. On the other hand, if I'm picky about balsa grades and quality then I'd do better to order from the 'net so that I can get what works best for a given model.

Thanks guys!
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