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Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
The reason for that is to protect your package. But not entirely. Shipping the flat rate envelopes is cheaper. Not usually by much. I think it's about $0.20 or something like that. But if you shipped a thousand packages a week and saved/earned $0.20 a package thats $200 in your pocket instead of going to the USPS. I do not fault them for this. I also don't fault them for when i make two orders over a weekend and they combine the orders into one shipping cost for them and include a $5.00 battery meter or something to compensate for the shipping i paid. I KNOW they only paid $1-2 for those little meters and shipping an extra package costs $7. So they keep $5-6 and put that in their rainy day fund for when something goes wrong with shipping or otherwise. I can not fault them for this kind of, more or less, common place shipping practice. It's kind of like insurance. If no one is getting hurt and the package arrives on time, which is all most customers care about, i don't find these things unreasonable. In fact I loose those meters all the time, so having a few spares is GREAT, IMO. But this particular issue has me at a inability to order from them. I would like to think it's just a problem with their calculator for shipping. But honestly the annual timing is just too convenient. Regardless, I'll never pay $14 for domestic shipping that will undoubtedly weigh less than a pound without packaging. All my $27 order was, was a V120 swash plate, a couple of canopies and a extreme skid repair kit for the legs. Whats that weigh? About 25g? Helidirect offerers first class mail for when i needed a single part, this was GREAT. But they just are not stocking Walkera anymore. It seems like Wow is the only ones left in the US that is still stocking Walkera. So $5 shipping from HK is probably the way things are going to go. Lucky for me i already disavowed Walkera and am planning on moving away from anything to do with them. For my wallet's sake and to keep a few hairs from turning gray. I just didn't think they would reach a personal EOL for me so quickly, and because of shipping prices. Just another reason to build Align kits. You don't have to worry about this kind of nonsense. You can strap on some shoes and walk to the LHS for what wow wants for shipping these days The gas to drive there still wouldn't touch a fraction of that rate!

The big question is, why are they charging $14 when that is the cost of the BIGGEST flat rate box. But the items i ordered can fit inside the smallest one for only $5 and change. Or even the medium one which is still only $11. I assume there are times they loose and times they gain on shipping. But this is just a sudden and bizarre change at a time of year that begs questioning.

I just checked shipping on a X5 canopy and some parts from helidirect. Keeping in mind that a X5 canopy will probably fill a large or medium flat rate box. The shipping was only $11.95 for priority. Which indicates pricing for a medium flat rate box, according to the USPS. I think wow just has their sizes/weights and shipping calculator all screwed up.
It's called making extra profit on shipping. I have tried to order from WOw, but as soon as I get to shipping with only one piece at about 150gm, the shipping is 27.00. I ordered from Helidirect at 6.00 shipping.
I ship to the US 1kg for 15.36 Canada post Air.
I have had similar issue with several companies that seem to want to make money on shipping and also sometimes charge a handeling charge. I feel when someone wants to pay me for handeling, which is my job, then I will start paying as well, but that has never happened yet. I feel the same about companies who charge you for a membership so they can give you a better deal.
I am not prepared to pay someone so I can have the privilege of spend my money at their establishment. You all have a company like that in the US and Canada and I won't set foot in their door.
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