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Originally Posted by Elios000 View Post
it goes WAAAY back to the first E powered helis be for lipos and brushed motors
what you know as a 450 was really a 400 size motor class Align came up with 450 as a makerting tool same with the 500 it ran the same blades as older 500 brushed motor size helis

the idea of a 550 class is farly new and old at the same time it was known as the .30 size class way back when
just like 600s are the same as a .50 or .60 size, 700 is the same as .90 etc
its a pretty big mess

but the Warp is a 450 class heli
the X5 is a 550 class if on the smaller end the Atom 5.5 runs the same blades but is about the smallest 550 out since its the same heli as the Atom 500 which is the same size as an Align 500 just longer boom and blades
the 6HV will running 600 to 620 blades is about the same size as a X5 just again longer boom

so if we go by blade size only

Warp, Trex 450, Blade 400/450, Mini Protos
Trex500, Logo 400, Protos, Atom 500
Trex550, X5, Atom 5.5, Logo 500, Goblin 500
6HV, Trex600, Logo 600, Goblin 600
Trex700, X7, 7HV, Goblin 700, Logo 600SE, Logo 700

Interesting. So really there is no standard for labeling at all. Individual companies basically do what they want and some push numbers around like phone companies for marketing. But look at the Gaui X2. It's swinging 255mm blades. I think it's the only one out there? It too, seems to be a very odd ball size again. I was thinking the Warp was going to be something similar to this, a bigger than 250 but smaller than 450 size heli. Turns out the rotor on the Warp will be BIGGER than my 450 swinging 325mm blades. I suppose there is no real need for a "standard" in labeling. As long as we are able to communicate like this to figure these things out.

It's very interesting how things progressed and changed. You sir have filled a few hours of my days with one of my favorite pass time. Research! Thanks for keying me in. I did a quick google before but i did not find anything about early 450 brushed motors. Apparently, i should have been looking for 400? Either way it's all very interesting to me. Off to do more reading.

Oh yeah, what about the flybar aspect. Am i wrong that they have a slow rotation rate compared to FBL? At least in the sim they do. I've never flown one on a real CP. The sim feels pretty accurate with my other FBL models though.
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