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100% improvement on the launch. You still have 100% improvement left in there somewhere though.

Regardless of wind, you are not loading up the spring. Your arm is slack at launch. Extend that arm straight as an arrow and let it get whipped around as you uncoil the torso on the last 1/4 of the turn before release.

But yes, That is WAY better. Way better! Also, sorry you have to fly at such a terrible field! Poor guy, having to look at that view and fly at the same time!

Heres my buddy. He launches like a freakin fool!!!!! This gives you a little different view of the coil I am talking about. And you can see where he really pours the coals on there at the end of the launch. His launch is not perfect. I dont know that anyone has it perfected. But Jon launches to 200' all day long, so he is doing something right. Notice how far behind him the plane is for alot of the throw. Thats because his torso is twisted and the arm is lagging behind. Untwisting torso whips the arm around and makes for a great launch.
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