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Originally Posted by Moonbeam View Post
Since mine appears to be a total Hong Kong "Frankenstein", is it safe to assume that parts from EXI, HK, Align, and some others, can be used on this thing?

From what I'm hearing, as long as I replace the head with an aluminum one, and cover the holes on the flybar, I should be o.k.? Of course I need the rest of the guts (ESC, lipo (6S?), Rx I've got, gyro, servos), and I can get those a bit at a time. There's no rush to get this thing in the air, but I would like to do it right. And if you think I'd end up spending just as much building this one up as I would getting a new Align in the air, I'd like to know!

One friend told me to just get a Blade 450 3D, another said keep building this thing up cheap except where it needs to be safe. In the mean time, I've been enjoying my lil Blade MSR. Fun lil heli!
It's probably ok, even if the plastic parts are a bit fu gly. I mean, my last new HK 500 kit that I bought from a guy for $40 brought out the OCD in me somehow, and I got all the decent parts for it for FBL for another $350. So now I have two clone FBL 500s. Each are in perfect shape, but aren't worth half of what I put in them... I think I'm over that BTW

It depends on what you want to get out of it. (Edit) Probably in its stock form, sport flying is as good as anything else from my limited info. If you're like me, you'll upgrade a lot of parts as you see the flaws. I would plan to spend about $150 for servos and say $30 for a motor, $40 for ESC) for decent Chinese stuff.

The clones are kind of hard to balance out. I like working on helis quite a bit, but I would just get a 500ESP now after all my experience, sorry for the waffling. The initial price is always what put me off, and it still does I admit.
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