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I learned to fly long before there were programmable radios and had a private license before I ever tried to fly an R/C model. I have always felt uncomfortable trying to fly anything without 3 axis control. While most 3 axis planes can be flown "bank and yank" it behooves one to learn to coordinate controls. Aileron establishes bank. Elevator controls the rate of turn. And rudder controls attitude by raising or lowering the nose in a banked turn.

Adverse yaw is a particularly common problem with sailplanes. Any lifting airfoil will suffer adverse yaw to some degree but a high aspect ratio with ailerons at the tips of the wing makes it worse. Differential aileron throw, with more up travel than down, is a big help but one still must use rudder in a turn for best results. But? Rudder is not the primary control for a coordinated turn unless a plane is designed for 2 axis control with lots of dihedral.
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