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Canopy Painted

One More Tiny Step Forward
I finished masking the inside and outside of the canopy today, rubbed the exposed areas back with 600 grit paper, and gave the inside and outside a coat of primer. After this I sprayed some OD inside the canopy using the airbrush.

Following this, I riveted the outside of the canopy, then sanded the burrs smooth. The aluminium paint got a run next, and then this was rubbed back with steel wool, a light coat of satin clear applied and then this was rubbed back again. This made the finish identical to the rest of the metal on the plane.

Lastly was some weathering with the airbrush and some wash. I actually used an ink pen to draw the join line between the windscreen and the canopy, then rubbed this back with a rag. A solid black line didn't look realistic from a distance, and once you step back a bit, I think the change in shade where the line is looks like there is a physical join there...

Photo Opportunity with the Finished Canopy
Removing the masking was the last task, and then sitting in place on the fuse for some shots. As you can see it is not permanently joined yet, so the canopy is raised from the surface of the fuselage a lot. It does sit flush when held in place.

Oh and of course I just realised I have not yet built the thing that looks like a bow (archery) that is attached to the canopy and slides along the track to open and close it. Bugger... It goes on the list.

How do people stick their canopies on? I have heard of canopy glue but don't really know what it is. Is it like contact adhesive? I was thinking of using contact adhesive because it has some flexibility and would not get brittle. Not sure how vicious the fumes are though and what they might do to the clear canopy from the inside...

Any advice is welcomed...

Well, I won't get much more done on this build for the next month, as I am going on holidays very soon! Glad about that but also sad to lose momentum again...
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