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You are not going to go faster than the motor and gearing combo taking into account roll out and tranny ratios will allow.. that being said, a higher C rated battery will get you there faster but the top speed won't change.. the only way top speed will change is if the motor draws more power than the battery can deliver.. Amps/watts... for example a 20C 3000 mah battery will only allow up to 60 amps delivered to the motor.. what if the motor can draw 80 amps or more.. then the motor isn't reaching its potential top speed.. The trick is to get a battery that is higher than the amp draw... 100amps is the minimum you would want... Better batteries also have lower internal resistance.. Thats were good batteries pay off.. they allow the battery to dump power "amps" quicker and also allow the battery to run without puffing or getting hot.. Lipo batteries should not be hot after a run!!!!
On the subject of charging.. maybe I'm old school, but I never charge at more than 1C... that is figured by the Mah of the battery.. a 3000mah battery charged at 1C would be 3 amps.. a 5000 mah battery would be 5 amps.. You can charge at a higher amp "C" level but you can shorten the battery life dramatically.. some manufacturers claim their batteries can be charged up to 5X the 1C rating.. but personally I wouldn't take the chance...
To figure out the amp output of a battery.. take for example.. a 20C battery outputing 3000mah is 20x3=60amps.. a 50C 5600 battery would be a whopping 280amps potential output.. I use the term potential because I really don't believe the C ratings of most of the battery companies anyway so I just get batteries that are higher than I would ever need.. You will notice a difference
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