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Originally Posted by prostreetnova View Post
Thanks for the info guys
yeah what I seen was the one set I called the fuse but I really circuit breakers,
yeah that was what I was wondering if they would cut out of flight, so I wanted to like you guys say and not use them.
I see the extreme motors you can change the brushes in them like in your cars but least in my cars they do not last that long even being able to change the brushes.
That's why was asking about being able to convert to brushless, also on the extremes and does not look like you can take the motor apart changed to bearings, like you can in a brushless motor.
Yeah I was looking at what it would looks like it would take to convert to brushless it looks like it would cost about $100 but brushless seems the last forever I have in my cars.
The extremes are about $36 for a pair with shipping, I was just wondering if they would weigh more than the others and if it would fly?

Thanks big Al.
you are still talking lama3, right? I wonder, where do you live that the xtremes with shipping are soo expensive? They are not heavier than stock motors (well, insignificantly anyway as far as I remember) Plus, you can change the brushes for about 2$ ea, so it is cheaper to "prolong the life" of Xtreme motors than to get new other ones. Whenever I did use Xtreme motors, it flew very well (looong time ago, but I will try to find the link to a video... as I wont probably find the original video anymore ...)
And no, brushless will no longer cost you 100 bux (I hope Luv will chime in, as he did more brushless conversions than anyone else I know on this thread)

hopefully this will bring you to my first ever heli vid, which I took of my LamaV4 with Xtreme motors:
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