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FYI – someone had mentioned they did not have a plane on RealFlight that they liked, and someone else had mentioned that they adjust the setup of an existing plane. I still have RealFlight 3.5 on my work computer and the settings that I adjust are simple to find. By adjusting a existing airplane, I really have no need to upgrade. If you select the Yak 54 3D plane, then go to Aircraft >> Edit Yak 54… you will see various menus in the left panel of the window under the airframe picture.

I n Airframe, I set the CG to 6.50.
In Elevator, I set the deflection to 45 degrees and -45 degrees.
In Rudder, I set deflection to 45 and -45 too.
In Engine, I set a 2 blade 27x10 Mejzlik CF on a 3W 120B2 with the OS 120 4-stroke sound.
In Fuselage, I set the Fuse Aerodynamic % to 120 and the Snap Roll Boost to 90%.

If you don’t like the pull of a big prop, you can go to a 26 and see how that works for you, and if you like your planes to snap a little more, raise the Roll Boost. The Aerodynamic % will increase or decrease the side area so adding a higher percentage is about the same as adding SFG’s to the airframe or raising the turtledeck to increase the fuse side area, like on the Slick.

The CG is another big component, but if you play with these components, you will eventually find something you like. You can probably adjust these elements and get a trainer or warbird to fly like a 60 Edge if you play with the programming a little (or a lot).
Aeroplayin is online now Find More Posts by Aeroplayin
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