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Originally Posted by frieslander View Post
I second Buzz's opinion. Also I have heard owners having problems with fused motors, some had breakers instead of fuses even.

Cut the throttle is still your best bet.

Another piece of advice, mark your battery plug in connection, where the male battery plug plugs into the female receiver plug. Yes they are shaped tp prevent reverse plug in accidents but they CAN be plugged in wrong. I have done it and burned the 4 in 1. A magic marker will work here.
For some strange reason, I thought I was the only one who did this! lol
I paint the positive side bright yellow on both sides of the plug. I did have a battery short out once while flying my Big Lama. I was up about 50ft and suddenly the thing started trailing smoke. Nothing good can come from a smoking helicopter. The battery caught on fire... but was still putting out some power. I tried to save it, but it ended up sitting in the top of a tree. The fuselage caught fire and I started spraying our pump hose on it and it finally went out. I got the heli out of the tree and it smelled like an alien BBQ! Yak!
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