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Originally Posted by Magic k2 View Post
I dont see the point in fixed iD ,,its only the first lipo that needs time to bind,,leave the tx on when you swap lipos and it binds instant each time until you turn off the tx.
I don't see a need for fixed ID either. I never fly with any one else anyway. My main concern was simply binding my Genius to the new TX. I didn't have an issue with it before (the slight delay), but I didn't know if the tx that came with it was bound to the heli from the factory (it came pre-programmed).

So all is well now I think. The new Devo will be here tomorrow I hope. I'm hoping it's programmed as well but that may be wishful thinking.

BTW- I ordered my RTF from "Walkera - Esky" on Ebay. Worst customer service ever. I went to change some settings in the tx and found that the "dn" button was defective. Only the mechanical click of the button could be heard. No tone and no response in the menu. If you pushed real hard it would click again and then you'd hear the tone but the menu would move UP not down. Contacted the seller and was told I don't know how to use it. Responded that I'm pretty sure it's defective and was told that the odds of a defective Devo radio are 0%..........
After a few more E-mails he said " send it back if you like but I'm positive the next one will have the same "defect" as the one you have.

When he received it I got an E-mail stating " just for your information, the "dn" button works it just stiff and you have to push hard on it."
What a dick!

What ever happened to "I'm very sorry about the defective item you received, please ship it back for a replacement. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."

Needless to say, I won't be ordering from them again.
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