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I have done a sketch showing how to use the meter on packs of more than 6 cells.

Sorry the sketch is crude - I have just got i-Draw but not learned how to use it yet!

As you MUST NOT apply more than 6 cells between the power leads, to measure cells 7 - 10 of a 10 cell pack you must connect the meter +ve power lead to the +ve Pack power lead and the meter -ve lead to the -ve end of cell 6 via the balance connector. You need to make up simple adapters to facilitate this.
The sketch shows this and the voltage sense lead can now be inserted into the balance connector as usual to measure cells 7, 8, 9, and 10.
To measure cells lower down you simply move the power leads further down the chain and you can always measure any cell between the power lead connections, always OBSERVING THE 6 CELL LIMIT between the power leads.

The extra resistance of the adapters and balance lead connectors will not affect the accuracy of the readings.

Do be careful not to accidentally apply more than 6 cells across the power leads - if you push the 'Read' button in that condition it WILL damage the unit.


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