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Originally Posted by mhills51 View Post
Don't have much of a issue with the helicopters. They have circled, I think they realize when this bird stops in the air turns on a dime and starts coming to them they quickly do the same.
Now, before you all say, "don't fly after the birds" It's not done to hurt the birds, but to save it and my helicopter. Last thing I need is puree of bird and a crashed heli.
My Budgie Kiki painfully learned when he was about 3 months old that one should never fly directly over nor try to land on the rotors of even a tiny R/C heli as it is coming to rest on the ground. He is very clever, but had to learn the almost-hard way that when I'd previously warned him to keep away from them, there was a good reason.

But he learned his lesson and will not fly dangerously close to them anymore, though he sometimes pushes the limit. When I take one of these tiny coax 4-ch helis out [which I've tuned to be reasonably fast indoors, precisely responsive and stable > my livingroom is larger and I fly them faster than shown in the video below made when I was just starting to learn how to get them flying fast, about 20KPH/13mph, which is still slower than he can fly indoors], he says, "Go, go with the helicopter" [yes, it surprised me that he can say helicopter] or "See, watch the helicopter" when that is his wiser choice. I put together a super lightweight ersatz heli from old parts w/no mechanics & few parts, so I can throw it at him or hold onto, blades autorotating as I hold it and run and chase him with to remind him of heli-danger. He really enjoys the game, and as soon as he realized it was HIS helicopter, clever creative little Kiki now calls that one "Helikiki". Nonetheless, he has also learned that the Avitron [shown in my above post] is much better, more fun and SAFER to fly around with!


tiny G.T. Model 4-ch 2.4G heli at birthday party (1 min 42 sec)
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