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brake on org esc

I had some trouble getting brake off as well as soft start , so ordered a P card from Brad . In the meantime ,I was setting up the Sbach in my Jr 9503 and found that I could not adjust travel on right aileron ? I had set wing up as FLAPERON so as to be able to use small amt of down flap to get off grnd quicker . I spent couple hours checking , measuring arm on servo , same distance from Fuse and LE- finally gave up and went to bed. This AM , I called HH for some help and after long tele conversation - they were shaking their heads - Under Travel adj ,hands off TX & using scroll button - servo would move as if I was in SUB TRIM ? They told me to do a reset and start over - call em bak if same problem - mite have to send Tx back in .
I had same problem when I started from Scratch again ! called HH & asked to speak to same person-Nah I help ya Familar with that Tx -& he figured out what was wrong -thanks hung up and Noticed smoke emitting from that Servo ! eeek UNplugged Batt rushed outside and pouring coffee on Servo ,later washed with water .I called Brad at TH to ask if his servos same as hitec?that I cud put another one in -Nah he said OK I will order two from you while on the fone -Brad says order ONE and I will replace yur burnt one at N/C :-) ON reset of Model , I yanked Throtle stick back quicker than before, Now NO brake or soft start .Brad was nice enuff to offer free servo even though I did not ask for one
Tom Eutsler is online now Find More Posts by Tom Eutsler
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