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Originally Posted by sneu View Post
Unless you can put a multi step user defined ramp curve into the controller a transmitter based version would be better from the user stand point.

All you have to do is try the new firmware to see that it works for F5B--even if you don't worry.

You might as well move to higher voltage--it is where F5B is going

Steve, after playing with ramps for a long time I don't think it needs a lot of optimisation at the field. A simple ramp works well enough and it's actually safer to have it on the ESC. To view the results from a change you need a laptop at the field anyway. To flash a change to the budget ESC only takes a few seconds and does not require a more expensive TX.

I don't see why we have to move to higher voltage. I was one of the first to promote it and now I am actually going back to 6S. The cost is simply lower at this stage.

Maybe you should try one of my budget controllers.
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