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Need help with electronics

Hi guys,

So first of all, i'd like to say that im new to the hobby, but i love aviation and R/C planes. Also english isnt my native language, so you may find some mistakes in this thread.

But lets come to my problem. As i said im pretty unexperienced. I recently found my old silverlit planes, unfortunately they dont work anymore. So i decided to take out all the electronics from them and came up with the idea to make one of them fly again because i love the look of this plane. It is made out of EPP.
In order to make it fly again, i know that i need a rx, some servos (i dont want to make a rudder if its not necessary), an esc, a motor and a battery. My question now is, what sort of electronics as listed above do i need? I'd like to order these parts from . It would be really nice if someone could tell me which would fit for my plane.

Also i have a Graupner MX-12 tx. The cheapest receiver for this one i found costs about 70 $. But on hobbyking i saw some receivers which are way cheaper . Can I make one of these work with my MX-12 or is it better to buy a cheap tx and rx from

Here are some photos of the plane. I hope you guys can judge it from these, if not tell me what other angels/whatever you need from the plane and i try to upload these.

I hope someone can help me =)

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