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I got my little Kyosho Mini-Z Motorace this weekend. Somehow I had to laugh.

You can set up the following:
Front Ride hight
Rear Ride hight
Fork caster angle
Steering springs
Heavier Front wheel

Surprisingly there is no rear damping, front fork damping, steering damping and
there is a lot of play in the forks. Of course this is more because itīs a tough task
to make such small components. But if it was essential for the bike to work
Kyosho would have made shocks for it.

The Center of Gravity is only slightly above the axle hight.
It is set up Tailheavy 57-43% guess thats because of the gyro but the heavier
front wheel will balance that out a bit. Further it doesnt really matter as the
motor isnīt powerful enough to make it wheely. On top of that it is nearly perfectly
balanced left to right.

Eventhough you can hardly change anything and itīs got no shocks whatsoever
the bike works surprisingly well and is a lot of fun. All you need to do is reduce the
gyro to minimum and drive it.

In the manual (pages 29 to 31) they explain what the setup does a little but
no in depth information.
-For example if you increase the ride hight you increase the leaning angle
making it turn tighter.
-If you make the caster as they call "Large(A)" then you make the wheelbase longer.
Thats the reason why its supposed to have "better performance over rough surfaces"

Well guess why they didīnt make it more complex?

Thats one of the things I have been trying to explain in the past: If a bike works
you canīt really change its performance fiddling around with the setup...

I admit the gyro makes most of its stability. But next time you play around with
your 1:5th scale Bike just keep in mind how this little bugger performs. Just try
the "setup features" this bike has on your big bike you might be surprised.
And next time someone tells you to change the oil in your dampers to a slightly
harder weight or moan about the play in your fork give it a second thought....

I know this sounds a bit too simple and it is a drastic comparison. But under the line
I think its a good example to explain bike setup. Sometimes looking over the fence
opens a new sight onto things.
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