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Originally Posted by Mud Duck Bill View Post
Well fellas I finished the Geobat yesterday and took it to the field for a maiden flight. Now I had a good flight and it flew rather well but it seemed to be tail heavy when I was over 1/4 throttle nose up and plowing through the air slowly climbing, if I backed off I had good level flight and glide slope was good. It was a little sluggish on turns but that is to expected I guess from what I have read here. balance seemed to be about 3/4 " in front of the carbon fiber crossbar in the nose. the thrust line of the motor is 90 degrees to the body has anyone added a little up thrust to that to maybe push the nose down a bit? Or is it a matter of adding weight to the nose?
So far so good still working on securing the canopy the Velcro is not working out leaning towards magnets now.
Pictures to follow!!

I swear the KF's move tha CG forward.... and you have a double KF
So I would move the CG 1" forward and go again.
Also it helps if the motor is up a coupla inches high on the wing. This helps push the nose down.
I have not played with thrust angles
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