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The engine won't mind that prop at all. Whoever sold it to you for use on a profile probably not familiar or just not thinking? If you're flying off grass, it's not likely to last long anyway. Pay close attention to you're air speed meanwhile? Try to resist the temptation to open it up unless it's pointed straight up!

I wouldn't worry about a filter. There's a crap trap in the carb that'll catch anything. Not hard to get to. It's under the plate that's held on by a single screw. If you want to check that out, have some pre mix handy and get what you can into the carb. Will make that first start MUCH easier. The carb's check valves don't work well when dry, so the carb is a PIA to get primed that first time. The time spent getting a few drops of fuel in it well worth it unless you have a starter that'll spin it.

More important is the fuel system MUST be tight. Fuel line barbs on ALL fittings is generally required. Having those installed will save many a headache later on as the fuel lines loose their initial tension. 1/8" ferrule used in compression fittings work great, cheap, and easy to come by.

45% on low fine, could maybe be a little lower, but you may want to go 60-70% on high?
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