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There is an effect called " cogging" where the magnets passing each other generate counter forces in the other magnets that can be felt as the motor is turned by hand.

In most cases, the motor will not spin freely at any time, there will always be some cogging effect. The forces and evenness of the cogging effect will change with the motor not connected to anything, it will change again when connected to the ESC, again when the ESC is powered up, and the settings you have chosen for the ESC can change it even further.

The lightest and most evenly spaced cogging will normally be felt when the motor is not connected to the ESC and all three motor leads are shorted together.

How are you connecting two motors to one ESC? That normally will not work because the ESC reads the back EMF from the motors to work right and control motor RPM. So each motor has to have it's own ESC.

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