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You said you changed a minifan to a cs10, but not what motor used in each. (or kv). So those results mean nothing without knowing that.

Also, the 'more blades, higher/lower speeds' etc also don't tell much because what is a 'higher speed'? A CS10 at 1200w might be a 'low' speed for its design. (not that it will be). So any given situation, application, of a design is not directly linked to another. eg plane prop, boat prop, or even proper within the same use (due to different designs aimed for different speed/purposes).
Plus the most typical use of CS10 is 800W to 1100W range.... and it is less efficient than lower blade counts for that. That is all that really matters.

Their design does seem to produce a result that is more 'torque' focussed than 'speed'. And if you try to direct them to speed, via exhaust ratio, you lose efficiency. But that is also fine, because as you alluded to, most models go way too fast anyway, so the CS10 is perfectly suited to producing more scale/realistic flight behaviours.
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