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Originally Posted by War Horse View Post
Eric, the Blade trainers are what I started with, worked well for me.

As far as a Tx, I like the Spectrum Dx6i, but you can get a TH9X for 1/2 the price. I have one (TH9X) but dont like it as much as the Dx6i. None of these TX's will work with the F45, however , if you get into building your own in the future, stick to one or the other, it will get you used to the feel and ease of setup. I'm more into scale flying and dont need more than 6 channels. you need to know where you want to go in the future and start getting the right units for that now that will serve you well for some time to come. The Dx6i will work great with a sim and also give you the feel for it when you use it on the field.
Well they arrived about 20 min ago! Just opened them both and man these things are huge compared to the stuff I've been flyin'. Even the F45 is a large bird,... now I got an idea how much larger that 9117 is to the 9116. According to everything I've been reading, the 9117 is about the same size as the F45,... give/take. I'm not even gonna yakkin' about the 450 and it's size. That thing is menacing. I'm lookin' at it now sitting on the floor,... man, I can't fly that thing. What in the land of Oz was I thinkin'? Lots of figuring stuff out before spring gets here.

Oh,... thanks, I'm searching out blade trainers now. Techntoys are completely out of them. Ebay, here I come! Oh yeah, I what I was trying to ask was if one of the TX's I just got would work with my laptop and a sim program. Guess I didn't ask it right. The TX that came with the 450 does have a port on the back of it, but it doesn't look like a USB port tho! it's round! Got some reading to do tonight. I'm also gonna put a charge in the stock F45 bat as well.
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