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Originally Posted by LegendLength View Post
Wow you've done it again, great page I don't know how i missed it.

I will have a 3dradio soon I'll just wait until that arrives before tuning.
3DRadio is great, definitely not a luxury item, when you receive it pay attention to the setting, refer to the first post in this thread, the default setting are not ideal and can frustrate you to near insanity,

When using 3DRadio be aware that you should always click disconnect on Mission Planner before turning off power to your frame.

Reason for doing that;

Say you have been using Mission Planner connecting via 3DRadio and you just unplug your lipo.

When you reconnect the Lipo you will be convinced something is suddenly wrong with your board as it wont start, the lights don't blink etc.

All you have to do in that case is to go back to Mission Planner and click on disconnect

If mission planner is already connected to the ground station and you then power up the board, the attached air 3DRadio [which has been up and running all the time powered by the PC remains fully connected] sends out data to the HK Mega board's serial port and confuses it as it is NOT expecting data while trying to boot. This doesn't happen with USB as once you unplug it the Virtual COM port no longer exists.

The thing to remember is always click disconnect in Mission Planner before you switch off your board, that way next time you go to use it can't catch you out.

Anyway just be aware, if you get trapped, you will remember reading this post.
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