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no simple answers when you are sourcing parts nla from manufacturer. and you learn more putting the pieces of the puzzle together the hard way. then you , and I, will no longer be the newbs and may have more answers than questions. most threads i find good info on brushed stuff are about 5-10 years old! like the wild hawk.
less info was readily available when brushed can motors were common. and they didnt want you to know they were importing them for a buck each and simply relabling them and selling them as a super duper400turbopropmysterymotor only available from greedyguy hobbies $40. nobody real cares about the brushed stuff any more and makes it harder to find answers. and if you need to replace both motor and esc you may as well go brushless. and yes , the motor/prop/esc combo needed will depend on all those details....or you could source the specs on a stock brushless, pusher glider and order them up. better yet buy the plane. then you know exactly what specs are for replacement parts

the 380 and 400 are pretty much the same thing under different branding. I have searched for the direct answer you are looking my self . and no luck. the 300 / 400 motors for the slow stick are in gear boxes for turning larger slow fly props and using esc in the 8-15 amp range search mabuchi 380 and you will find specs directly from mabuchi..... most of them are happy around 8 amps. constant. i found some good info here .
a direct drive will pull a little more amps.......

******the short/easy answer***** about $30 (may be over est. shipping) $6 esc +shipping
you want the 7.2v 380 $4 motor + shipping
buy a 6x4 prop @ your local hobby shop $3 +/-
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