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Snoopin' around eh? Lmao


The shed looks awesome. You need a lounging chair and a TV out there, right next to a small refrig. for some liquid gold "beer".


My voice on the video, I was a bit nervous making it, I usually don't stutter or trip over my words like that. Lmao... Funny though, how you imagine how people sound or look when just yakking on a forum for years.

I bought two ARF multicopters in the last several months, a quad and a hex. The H-copter I showed on the video, I saw a few guys posting pictures and videos in the Multicopter forum here on RCG. The one I'm building is much bigger though. Just for fun and an experiment. If it works out well, I may start some aerial photography / video and FPV flying next summer.

The movie industry is using multirotor platforms for recording now, pretty neat stuff. Here's a short clip / demo with a Red Epic camera mounted on a multirotor. This camera runs between 20 and 50k. YIKES! You'll notice that it's a hex copter, but has 12 motors. Two on each arm, they do that for redundancy in case of a motor failure. Cheap insurance when hauling around expensive equipment like that.
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