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Originally Posted by RC911 View Post
Some questions and tips for you:
1. Did you get beeps from ALL four ESCs before lowering the throttle?
2. How much throttle must you apply before the remaining motors start?
3. Are your motors connected to the correct motor ports (M1 - M4)?
4. Is your KK2.0 board mounted correctly (with buttons towards the tail)?
5. Are you using Self Level mode? If so, try Normal mode.
6. Are your motors spinning as specified in the first post of this thread?
7. Are your propellers mounted correctly (CW vs. CCW) with text facing upwards?
8. Is your copter's COG (Center of Gravity) good?
9. Use the Receiver Test function to verify that your transmitter endpoints are set correctly (-100 to 100) and reverse your TX channels as needed.
10. Perform 'Sensor Calibration' on a level surface.
11. A good mixer setup for V-Tail has been posted earlier in this thread.

I've done all of the above. Which is why I'm stumped and actually just listed it for sale. I used Tech69's settings and recommendations.

Since I will probably need brain surgery within the next 6 months, I'm wanting something slightly easier to deal with / fly. I bought the frame because it looks badass.
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