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Key new learnings on Syren re-fit...

Rigging line: I was very enthusiastic about rigging with the twisted nylon net twine that is commercially available - much easier than "spin-your-own".
The white twine, stained tan by the model builders at the Erie Maritime Museum, looked really great. But now I realize that it might be great on a static model, but not so great for actual working rigging on an RC model. During the servo testing, the nylon net twine definitely showed more stretch under tension than the line I made from Guttermann polyester thread. The other unsuspected problem was that the net twine easily snagged and abraded, leaving fuzzy, untwisted sections. And knots don't hold well compared to the polyester home made stuff. Soooo....I would recommend using either the braided, much "harder" surface nylon line as supplied by SC&H, twisting your own, or buying scale twisted line (available from a European supplier..need to check source). Notes on twisting your own - 1. need to make a ropewalk, 2. have about 30ft to lay it out, 3. need to use Gutterman polyester (not nylon or cotton!) thread (trust me...many tested, Guttermann the easiest to work with and by far the best finished line. Great color selection too. From JoAnne Fabric) 3. need patience - about 10-12ft of finished line is practical max, 4. need a LOT of thread, even for 1mm line (2-3mm line takes HUGE amount of thread) 5. must read references to understand hardening process - a very necessary final step in the process.
I'll be twisting new braces soon......

If at all possible, use a nine channel if you are going to add any functions beyond the stock 4-function setup (rudder, foremast, mainmast, driver/headsails). I had a 7 channel, and with 8 functions on the Syren (rudder, driver, main, fore, headsail crossover, gun fire, port/stbd gun selection, external drive (used for club shows)) it was a headache. Had to choose port/stbd guns by maxing out the driver servo to trip a microswitch.
Now have a 9 channel and next step is to figure out new and better function mapping. There are two rotational levers, near top right and left sides of Tx, that I may use for yard rotation rather than the old approach of using the two sticks (both sticks needed to be fitted as non-centering with positioning ratchets). I'll post the new setup ideas for feedback soon.
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