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Originally Posted by mikejo2013 View Post
Well, I'm yet another victim of the BH rip off! I stupidly ordered the Super Corsair instead of paying attention to this forum and now I'll have to spend hundres more to get it in the air (if it ever gets in the air). First of all, the retracts don't work at all. The sequencer is junk and the doors barely open. Then only one of the retracts will move at all. Of course, BH is nowhere to be found once you buy. Also, the wing retract regulator was disconnected in the box and I'm freaked out to even attempt to hook it up for fear it will fry. Does anyone know which way the wing motors are supposed to plug into this POS module to make it work without frying (gotta love the lack on any instructions)? There are 3 sets of 2 pins each (+ and -) but which way does it plug in? Also, I have a Spektrum DX8, does anyone know which channel the wings are supposed to work on? Again, big time regret for a great looking plane that has to be completely rebuilt to product customer support... no parts...etc., etc., etc. Well, I really only blame myself for being stupid! NEVER AGAIN! Any help from an actual person would be great, thanks!
Good afternoon mikejo2013.
Can I have your order number please? This will allow me to look into the issue further.
Thank you,
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