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Originally Posted by dbeach View Post
The idea is that the 2013 contest will be based on cumulative distance by a team over a two point course with unlimited laps rather than the 'best single flight' approach used last time.

My hope is to encourage teams working on LSF XC tasks....<snip>

I understand your goal is to support the LSF-Style Goal and Return flights, but you're creating a multi-course event. Consider point 1 to be the start, Point 2 is 1K away, point 3 is 2k away, point 4 is 10k away. You're calling it a 2-point XC course but the reality is that if you count the 1->2->1 loop and the 1->3->1 loop and the 1->4->1 loop you really have multiple courses available to the pilots. Someone could interpret your guidelines as being able to cycle between points 1 and 2 all day long and rack up many kilometers of distance. If you stick to the 2-points as being 10K apart then those going a shorter distance and turning around (for the Return leg) are not competing on the prescribed course. You could conceivably count their forward motion but not the return flight (which makes it the same for everyone). Or you could create four classes: 1K G&R, 2k G&R, 10k G&R, and Open XC (either multiple loops of the 10K course or a multi-point course) Sort of like TD contests where there are Novice, Sportsman, Expert, and Masters classes each with their on competitions within an event. The problem stems from trying to accomplish two goals with a single event. In my opinion, the pilots going for an LSF G&R task are not concerned with the larger competition going on around them at the NATS until after they complete their G&R.

As for the ALES question posted earlier, why not allow ALES, with no possibility of a re-light, to get the sailplanes airborne and allow them to fly the course? The flights would not qualify for any LSF tasks or even the NATS event. However, it could give more people a taste of XC soaring and possibly expand XC participation and give new pilots access to XC pilots, expertise, and equipment?

The good news here is that there is time to work out the kinks before committing to a published contest format for the 2013 XC NATS.

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