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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
Your settings showed you had your video clip length set for 20 min. and your auto-shutoff set for 30 sec. It looks like what is happening is you got the first 20 min. video clip as you should, but after it stopped to save the file, the auto-shutoff started to count down and turned off the camera after the 30 sec. timed out. The developer is working on finding out exactly what is going and will fix it.

During my initial testing, I did not record very long to test out the new functions, so did not see this.

But I wanted to mention that your procedure for manually loading new firmware is incorrect if I read your post correctly (the underlining above is mine). To manually load, you simply press the power button very briefly (less than one second) and immediately release it when the yellow LED starts to flicker. You should not hold it down nor press the shutter button for this process. You may have confused this with the process for loading the camera's config file, where the shutter button is first pressed and held, while then pressing the power button. Using the GUI for both of these procedures will eliminate any user errors like this.
Hi Tom I have three 808#16s two v1 & 1 v2, the two v1 cameras I updated to the new v0.58 & like I said both cameras only recorded 1 video for 20 mins & one for 30 secs, I started to think that I update them both worng, so I updated the v 2 to v0.58, did some tests & found that this camera was doing the same as the other two, then this camera (the v2 one ) stopped working altogether it wound not turn on, or do anything, the only led that came on was the green one when on charge .I tried most things then I tried doing what I posted above & it came back to life, did some testing but still only recording 1@ 20 mins & 1@ 30 secs. any way I have now gone back to v0.49 on all three cameras & all three cameras are now on test as I write this post, I let you know how I get on with them.

many thanks.

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