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Free plane! Now what?

I got a kick out of getting a free plane from the free classifieds.

A cordial member of the RCGroups family who lives in my old home town was giving away an old plane. It was local pickup only...or it was going in the trash.

Fortunately, my brother still lives in the area and I arranged to have him pick it up. Our family got together for Thanksgiving and he brought it to the party.

She's grungy, but she's all there short of an rudder/elevator servo mounting stick inside of the fuselage and it's undamaged.

It's a box fuselage high-wing sport plane with an O.S. .25 up front, one which hadn't run in years.

Nevertheless, I have to say again that it's all there. The photos show it totally in as-received condition. The engine bearings were gummed up, but within a few minutes of these photos being taken, I'd managed to free up the bearings and carb with some after-run oil and WD-40. The glow plug is an ancient four-stroke and the prop an equally ancient Master Airscrew 9x6.

It also has oodles and gobs of compression.

Since I've been flying electrics almost exclusively as of late, I wasn't able to start the engine since the battery in my field box was too weak. I may have left it on the charger for too long and it's going to need replacing.

I plan to post some pictures once it's cleaned up and operational. I don't plan on recovering it since the covering's in good shape. I'll definitely have to install a slightly smaller fuel tank since it interferes with the nosewheel arm.

I still have the engine from a used, long-retired combat fighter. Same as the one in this model and I can tell you from experience that little sonofagun really hauled. I think this one will do so as well.

Stay tuned!
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