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Originally Posted by ltc View Post
Has anyone tried these new blades?

Had a 55% off coupon for Michael's, so I picked up a 3 pack.
Interested to see if they are better than stainless steel #11 blades.
Xacto has not attempted to keep up with blade technology us hobby guys need. Maybe this is a ray of sunshine.

I own and have xacto knives but have not been impressed overall with them over the years. Possibly this is because I like many started out using our fathers double edge safety razor blades. They were and still are laminated steel and carbon type blades and really sharp. Stainless blades do not seem to have as good a cutting edge and are thicker usually.

Actually for my balsa working planes I still access the same blades out of india on ebay. Apparently the third world still usues the double edged blades and they are cheap.

Even many brand names are listed that were originally popular in north america. Pretty inexpensive as well. Or if I go without shaving for several days. I use them in a safety razor as otherwise they block the blade with whisker hairs on the typical disposable common shaving tools.

You just loosen the handle to wash and clean a safety razor out. The round shape of the exacto handle has not been redesigned either and could be better in my opinion. It seems awkward to me in comparison to other tools on the market. Plus too many people have foot scars from them rolling off the edge.These are just my opinions and others may feel totally otherwise,
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