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Originally Posted by chanyote66 View Post
Ok so i figured out that my crappy linear regulator 5v system was too much of a pain to get working and found a 1gram 500mah switching regulator from inside a car charger That solved the power issue, then came the cable issue... after taking apart many usb connectors, I couldnt find one with the #4 pin broken out. So I messed around with some wiring and got this thing to work!

After soldering to Pin 4 I coated the bottom and wires with enamel to prevent them from coming in contact with the ground of the casing. The enamel also provided the thickness needed because of removing the metal housing. shot everything with a multimeter, and plugged it into a test subject (portable hard drive adapter) to check power/ground connections. All looks good! Total weight, connector and 6" of wire= 1gram, additional wire is 1gram per 30cm... (estimates, my scale does not go below 1 gram)

Now i can run power, and video from my camera on the wing! (i just keep the wires away from servo wires)
As you have noticed, most mini USB plugs come without a solder point for pin #4 which is needed for the video-out signal.
I'm quite surprised you managed to find a suitable method, but it shows it can be done if you are patient and have the soldering skills. Good job!

It would have been much easier to purchase some of the correct plugs which can be found on eBay, for example, here are some plugs with a right-angle casing if you need them.
Having a stock of the correct plugs makes it very easy to whip up the correct cable in case you need one. His shop has other USB items which can also come in handy for the #16.
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