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First Purchase from Banana - FMS Skyraider

NOTE: Please read the entire thread for my day by day updates, but my verdict (pre-first flight) is that BH is a good company to order an inexpensive, but good quality, RC plane through. Not sure about all the neg press, considering what you get for the money. If you want hand-holding and someone at your fingertips - then support your LHS and build a relationship there. I cannot afford to pay $300+ for my first mid-sized park flyer - so this was a worthwhile purchase. Even if I swapped out all the electronics because they crapped out before the first flight or just got the vanilla kit and built it up with parts from my LHS - this plane was well worth the money. It looks great and feels solid - and for under $90 -with free shipping???? No brainer. I will update post-flight to report on the actual plane.

ALSO - please read this post before your maiden flight -- The CG and how you try to take off will make or break this plane.

ORIGINAL POST: OK - Kinda spooked by the haters on here, but I am not too worried about a little DIY repair if needed... Just ordered (Order #18113-121203) an FMS A1 Skyraider.

First impressions...
Good News: Price for this model with free shipping is great - lowest around and reviews all over the web say that this is a great little plane. The free shipping made me decide to buy here instead of from NitroPlanes.

I really like their videos and the photos of their products are nice - I hope I get what I see in the pictures, if so I will be VERY pleased considering the cost.

The Not-So-Good: I was not able to apply the Facebook Like 3% discount. Not a huge deal, but a bad customer experience on first purchase is kind of a bummer. This was an already good deal, so I won't fuss too much. I did put a note on my order that their promo code was rejected as expired and hope they offer to make good either through including an extra prop or servo or something to make it a wash - will see.

I also asked if I could email a shipping label and ship it on my personal express shipping account (since they are eating the shipping cost as it is) - this would increase their margin as well as satisfy my impatient nature. I have not heard a response yet. Certainly not a deal breaker, but it would be a nice (and simple to implement) perk to help retain a customer...

My big hope is that I get it by this weekend so I can get it in the air. Stay tuned.
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