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Fiberglass fuse

GAWD!!! UGHHHHH fiberglass fuse.
Just awful!

Yea I know, but it SAVES a lot of time. The only extant Reiher is all white with a small amount of blue trim.

I have several in 1/4 scale stock. That is what I have ---- the awful FG fuse.!!!
I'd like to have an ALL WOOD Reiher!!!!!


Originally Posted by BStaley View Post
Well I'm gonna do another abbreviated build log, this time a Cliff Charlesworth 1/4 scale Reiher. Like my TG-2 this won't be a blow by blow account, just the highlights. The model is 4.75M, or 187" and will be all built up balsa and plywood. I acquired the plans several years ago and realized it was too much for me to cut all those parts so after some searching I found a short kit available from Key Publishing in England for a very reasonable price. After it arrived I was pleased with it, all the parts are laser cut and they looked very good. After I started to assemble I found some small discrepancies- the formers at the wing root were missing the stand-outs for the wing root fairing, and the #1 ribs were missing, I think because they are not shown on the plans. No big deal, I made the ribs and modified the formers.
I started with the tail feathers but haven't sheeted the stab until I get the fuse built and get the mounting plates done.
When I started on the wing I found that my plans are warped They must have got that way when printed or copied. So before I could proceed I had to draw some straight lines on the plans-I haven't checked the fuse yet. I wanted to build the fuse first but I need at least the wing inner panels done to get the attachment and alignment rod set. So my plan was to build the inner panels, then the fuse, then finish the wings, but I might just make the wings complete and be done with them. Anyway I got the spars done. I didn't really like the wood selection on the spars so I beefed it up a bit. It has balsa sides on the spar with ply stiffeners over the balsa. Just doesn't sound right to me so I made ply sides and stiffeners on the inbd. spar and out aways on the outer spar past the joiner plates at the bend. I also changed the mounting rod to 1/2" steel, not flat plates. I'll post more after some more progress.
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