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Shiraz (IOM)

Originally Posted by CaptainBit View Post
John "Shiraz" should not leave a sour taste in the mouth but rather a full bodied one with a peppery after taste.

I have one question which is not specific to your design but relates to the newer flush deck hulls. How do they drain water from around the mast base or do they not concern themselves with it? Well that is two questions really. "
That sounds a better option Captain... LOL...

I dont mind critics because they alternatively advertise the product being discussed, it gets people talking. The only thing I do mind about are peoples opinions, when they themselves havent made the effort in designing, creating and producing a finished yacht. These days I spend more and more time testing my ideas out prior to making them a comercial product. Once you have the basis of a good design, the next challenge is to perfect the building technique. Again there is increasing pressure to make a well turned out yacht. Over the years people expect a rise in excellence within the standards of building, but still not pay extra for the yacht. (The economic times we are in I suppose).

Another thing Ive found whilst creating this IOM, is once you have tested the boat, perfected the building technique and because there is always so many new designs coming out in quick succession, its likely that someone has produced a yacht that looks similar to yours. (As per a comment made to me on a previous page on this forum) In my case after the UK Championships, I found two different yachts who had a similar deck design to mine, so at the last minute I made the change to the deck to try and stay away from other designers.

I will listen to people's opinions if there constructive and of sound sense. However, some critics deserve the peppery taste in the mouth because they do not understand what a designer and a builder goes through before putting their creations on the water. Its something for critics to think about before they start.

As for the water on the deck, when the boat heels the water will naturally drain away.

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