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Just wondered if you are using a receiver with just one antenna. I have new ones with one antenna on the receivers but I am not brave enough to use them. Some have great success with them but I think one day they will cause a problem.

Even on my small flying wings I get the longer antennas and get one out wide under the wing away from the other electronics and because I am flying FPV and going a fair distance the other antenna goes in a plastic tube vertically.

With one antenna and if some metal in the plane is blocking the signal from the TX you could come down. Even pointing the TX antenna gives less signal than holding it vertically. That is what happened when I did a walk test with one today. I got the low signal beep when the TX was pointed at the plane and much better when the TX was vertically. Maybe it depends how the receiver antennas are setup.

You may be using a receiver with two antennas? Just interested to know.

(When mine just dropped out of the sky four times it was the c of gravity was just back a very little amount but this does not sound like your problem - I initially thought it was an electrically problem including the BEC but just turned out to be the c of g too far back.)

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Yeah you are probably right its gotta be the dihedral lol

So after yesterdays semi successful flights (minus the tips stalls) I decided to take her out today since the weather was beautiful! I turned the differential down to 20% and she was flying perfect! I was finally having alot of fun flying in a big open field untill about 5min in....
I tried to see how well she would roll completely after lowering the dif. I got half way and the dihedral I am guessing made it nose straight down like usual. I started pulling out of it and what do you know I lost control! motor stuck at maybe 30-40% and she slammed into the ground at a 45degree angle pretty hard. Wings flew off, battery flew out, esc came with it. I have a few broken pieces but should be fixable. I am still in awe how tough this foam is! It really takes a beating! I figured she's be in a ton of pieces but only a few cracks in the wings and fuse and little piece of foam missing off the wing.

I am still completely irritated I can't catch a break....I don't have any other tx's to try and all but my micro p-51 is broke. The RX and Sat. were not blinking. I never had this issue with this tx/rx in my other plane. Could it be the ESC causing the glitches? any help would really save me from pulling my hair out lol
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